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Thermo stoves and Boilers with the Temperature Flow, FluenTH tecnology.... read more

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Choose your house space and find out which boiler or thermo stove we suggest

Boilers (Hydro)

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Wood pellet boilers: the CTU is the top of Ungaro production. Each boiler has in its heart the Heat Exchanger 90 .... read more

90 mq 120 mq 160 mq 240 mq 270
Choose your house space and find out which boiler we suggest

TuboAir (Ducted Air)


In a small and medium sized house where the space is limited and there is no room for radiators Ungaro Tubo Air can be a good heating choice... read more

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Choose your home space and find out which stove we suggest

Thermo stoves (Hydro/Fan-blown heated air)

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The traditional Ungaro product, pellet thermo stove can be connected to the existing heating system (radiators or underfloor heating). These heat generators give most of their power to produce hot water for the system... read more

90 mq 120 mq 160 mq 240 mq 270
Choose your house space and find out which thermo stove we suggest

Welcome to the Ungaro website

La Ungaro s.r.l. is a consolidated Italian productive reality that represents residential heating for more than 10 years combining craftmanship and industrial skills in which qualities are daily experience of tens of thousands of users in Italy and abroad.

Ungaro has signed the biomass heating sector tank to innovative ideas like Super Exchange and the boilerstove that were able to offer one solution to the technical and furnishing needs of a home in respect to the most rigorous European normatives of product design and development of the production chain. Attention to the environment does not mean, in fact, only the best use of a renewable combustibile which pellet is, but also the rational provigioning of every single resource necessary for the construction of the generator that will make a flame and Ungaro for many years has quality certificates according to international procedures ISO 9001 and ISO 14001....Read all

Plenty of choices

"For a 100m2 size home what power do you recommend I install? Which model?": These are the classic questions asked by those who want to enter the world of pellet heating to those welcoming them with a coffee and an Ungaro catalogue in hand. Simple and direct questions, answered with other questions. "Do you live in an apartment or an independent home? In a city, hillside or mountain? How old? No, sorry, I wouldn't dare, I wanted to know which year your home was built."”....Read all


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